Portable Fish Finders – Pros and Cons

Portable fish finders can offer quite a few advantages to any angler. But just like any other product, along with advantages there are disadvantages. I’ve been using a few Hummingbird fish finders, and two of them were portable, therefore, I can enumerate the pros and cons for them.

So, here’s what to like and what not to like about portable fish finders from Humminbird.

Hummingbird Portable Fish Finders – Advantages

1. If you don’t have a boat and you usually go fishing along with your friend, using their boat, a portable fish finder is great to have. Also, you might go to a fishing trip where you’re going to use an inflatable fishing boat or fishing chair, and in this case, a portable fish finder will be right on the spot.

2. Fishing in waters with a lot of sunken trees, stumps and log, there’s a big chance you’ll lose a transducer that’s fixed with screws on your boat. But since most portable Hummingbird fish finders feature a transducer that has a suction cup to be mounted, if it hits an immersed log, it will just come off instead of breaking, but will still remain attached to its cable so you won’t lose it. All you’ll have to do in a case like this is reattach it.

3. Most portable fish finders are cheap. A low cost for a product is always an advantage. However, in many cases the cheapest a product, the less effective it is. Cheap Hummingbird fish finders are usually considered “less effective” because they don’t have Side Imaging or Down Imaging, or they don’t have GPS and chartplotting features. But you don’t really need those to locate fish and to see the contour of the bottom. Most Hummingbird fish finder, cheap or expensive, have a feature called Fish ID. I only use this feature when I’m trying to locate fish, and I was never let down, no matter which model I used. Anyway, here’s a list of a few cheap fish finders from Humminbird, which offer the basic fish finding options: http://hummingbirdfishfinderreviews.com/cheap-hummingbird-fish-finders/

4. No matter which portable fish finder you’re using, they all have two other extremely important features that will improve your fishing. One is depth measurement, the other is water temperature measurement. Now, you can always make an eye estimation of the depth of a certain spot. But when it comes to measuring water temperature, that half a degree that you might miss on an estimation, can make a big difference.

Hummingbird Portable Fish Finders – Disadvantages

1. Most portable fish finders are designed to provide you with reliable data in waters up to 1000 feet deep. The cheap Hummingbird fish finders usually work best for 2-300ft. So, if you’re interested in deep sea fishing, buying a portable fish finder might not be a wise decision. For a purpose like this a tool like the Hummingbird Fish Finder 958c Combo is most indicated. More info on this unit, here: http://hummingbirdfishfinderreviews.com/958c-combo-review/

2. Before applying the transducer of a portable fish finder to a boat, you should clean up the algae or the impurities that have gathered on the spot it must be applied. Otherwise it won’t stick. So, this might be an inconvenience.

3. Fish finders from the Humminbird Fishin’ Buddy category are excellent and cheap fish finders, but they have the transducer installed at the end of a plastic rod. If you have a boat with a pretty high hull, the transduce might not reach the water. Thus, you won’t be able to use it. So, a portable Fishin’ Buddy is best to be used on a kayak, inflatable fishing chair or pontoon boat.

That’s about what I wanted to say about portable fish finders. I hope this helps.